Zoro Misr’s Travel Card: What and Why?

Our travel card loyalty program is the easiest and most convenient way to receive the best deals on travel, entertainment and other parts of travel that make the experience special. Our partners present the Zoromisr travel card to employees, ensuring that their experiences in Egypt are comfortable, accessible and fun.

Travel Card Benefits

With Zoromisr’s travel card, members receive a variety of perks, special offers, discounts and services:

  • Receive exclusive discounts and offers on travel, food & beverage and entertainment with our permanent promotional code
  • We work within your budget to satisfy your travel needs and requests
  • Enjoy free upgrades with accommodations and transportation (subject to availability)
  • High quality customer services unique to your company or organization
  • Access to a variety of easy, secure payment options
  • No minimum cost, minimum reservation bookings, and no commitment. Zoromisr ensures card holders are satisfied with their offer and pay as they go.
  • Free consulting available when members of your company or organization travel abroad
  • Customized travel itineraries for the most well known destination in the world
  • Create free profiles for top management employees for various special benefits at various tourist attractions and destinations
To request Travel Card please Contact us onCorperts@zoromisr.com
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